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Outpatient Physical Therapy Practices

We’re growing a community of exceptional physical therapy practices. Click on the pins or brands below to learn more about our partners.

Serving the west Michigan area
Serving the southwest Michigan area
Serving the state of Maine

Serving the areas of El Paso and Las Cruces

Serving Apache Junction Arizona
Serving the Chattanooga Tennessee Area and Western South Carolina
Serving the St. Louis area
Serving the Milwaukee Area
Serving the Pittsburgh Area
Serving North Carolina
Serving the New Orleans area
Serving the Oakland area
Serving the Kansas City area
Serving Northwestern Washington State

Additional Solutions

Healthy companies have healthy employees. Work-Fit provides on-the-job health care, education and injury management services to help companies thrive. Work-Fit can help you keep your team safe and healthy, keeping your company productive and saving you money on workers’ compensation claims.

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Biocorrect’s handcrafted custom foot orthotics are designed for your unique needs with specific correction to address what is causing you problems. More than just an insert — we are a fully-customizable foot orthotic system and lab, engineered to address and treat biomechanical imbalances of the entire body. And we’re backed by more than 25 years of experience.

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Virtual physical therapy offers a convenient alternative to in-person treatment. Agile Virtual PT (AVPT), our HIPAA-compliant platform, allows therapists to treat patients from anywhere. Whether you live in a rural area, have restricted mobility or just prefer not to leave home for treatment, AVPT gives you access to high-quality physical therapy.

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