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About Us

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we’re building a legacy of helping great people achieve great things

We understand that taking a bold step to embrace change and evolve is one of the hardest — yet best — decisions you can ever make, so we help our partners and patients transcend through this phase with maximum support.

Our Story

Alliance is not only focused on partnering with physical therapy practice owners, we are concerned with the wellness of our patients, and helping industrial worksites prevent onsite injury.

When Alliance was first founded, we had a vision for creating an unrivaled network of elite physical therapy clinics through the acquisition of other smaller practices. Time has refined that vision from one of acquisition to one of partnership. While we are still striving towards the development of a physical therapy network that is unsurpassed in quality, we are able to continuously obtain it by leveraging the strengths of each of its members. We’ve realized that our vision is nothing without the collaboration with incredible practice owners and their staff.

Our Mission

We assist in turning dreams into reality and goals into achievements. We aim at becoming the leading physical therapy network in the country by delivering superior, quality and compassionate service to our partners and patients alike.

Committed toward enabling everyone we work with to make new giant strides every day, we have designed the perfect blueprint for bringing about high-impact change. We delight our partners, patients, and employees through result-centered practices in compliance with business ethics and physical therapy standards that evoke positive effects.



Always act as a trustworthy team member, setting clear expectations and communicating with respect and solidarity.



Encourage a passion for serving with empathy and an undying commitment to getting it right.


Empower and encourage team members to lead with trust, advocacy and education.


Celebrate our successes, demonstrate enthusiasm for our mission and compassion for each other.


Inspire hope for our patients and provide better opportunities for employees to succeed through continuous forward-thinking action.

Meet Our Leadership Team