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Resources for Physical Therapists

Are you interested in selling your physical therapy practice? Maybe it’s time for retirement or you’re hoping to invest your time in a new venture. Whatever your reason may be, there are several elements that you need to consider before selling. Here’s what you need to know.
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My friends and I are passionate about fishing. So we all chipped in and bought a classic boat, a 1978 Lund with a console drive and twin 35HP Evinrude outboard motors; it was my wife's grandpa's walleye boat. It was a classic, but not one of those nice classics. It needed some TLC, but if we each took on a little bit, we could have this boat ready quickly. After some painstaking upgrades, including cupholders, rod holders, a trolling motor plate, and a fish finder, we took it fishing all over Michigan.
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Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are designed to advise a clinical care provider on how to recommend treatments for a physical condition. They provide clinicians with a basic outline of medical recommendations. CPGs consist of evidence-based, research-supported methods. They have been shown to improve the condition of a medical concern. Without clinical practice guidelines, standardized treatments likely would not exist.
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Tune In to PT Insiders

Is the billing process at your physical therapy practice less than perfect? You’d benefit from optimizing your billing process as much as possible. Learn why you should be keeping your PT billing accurate and well maintained. Keep reading below.
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Opening a physical therapy clinic all on your own can provide several benefits. It provides greater independence, offers the potential for greater income and helps you grow your business skills.  If you’ve never opened your own clinic before, you may need some guidance figuring out how to do it. Take a look at some of the basic steps involved by reading below.
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Has your physical therapy clinic been struggling to entice and retain a client base that meets your business goals? If you need a little extra assistance getting more patients through the door of your physical therapy clinic, here’s what you need to know.
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