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Becoming a Physical Therapist (PT) is a long and demanding road. Excelling academically in undergraduate education is crucial for acceptance to PT school. After that, doctoral-level coursework consumes the next three years. Upon graduation, you must successfully complete a rigorous national exam. Following licensure, many PTs choose to pursue additional specialized certifications or residencies to hone their skills. 
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Explore the importance of connection in the world of physical therapy. Discover the power of relating to team members, their perspectives, objectives, and values. Understand the role of clinic leaders in fostering connections through transparency, open communication, and recognition. Learn strategies for promoting connection like leading by example, being accessible, and providing personalized appreciation. This is part two of a three-part series on creating a successful environment focusing on Communication, Connection, and Culture.
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Discover the power of "Showing Up". Uncover the importance of persistence, setting measurable goals and aligning your efforts with organizational objectives. Learn how being fully present, even in mundane tasks, can pave the way for impactful work. Find out more about honing your skills, overcoming lows, and the true essence of showing up for success. Dive into the world of meaningful work and discover the magic of being present in this Boss Blog.
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Looking to master your communication skills as a PT leader? Discover the importance of strong communication, mode selection, active listening, and asking questions in our comprehensive guide. A must-read for aspiring leaders in the physical therapy industry who are seeking to foster a robust team environment. Become the efficient leader you are destined to be by learning how to strike the delicate balance between authority and camaraderie. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to never miss a part of this insightful three-part series on the 'C' strategies for success: Communication, Connection, and Culture.
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A talent pool listing can get you closer to your next steps, wherever you are in your PT career. Find out what benefits you can expect.
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Discover the importance of 'True Collaboration' in our latest Boss Blog. From pop-culture to physical therapy, we explore how collaboration fuels success across all areas of life. Find out how teamwork lays the groundwork for everyone’s win and why it trumps the temporary sparkle of solo superstars.
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