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Resources for Physical Therapists

When you have a physical therapy clinic, it’s important to continuously look for the best ways to care for your patients. That means constantly learning about techniques that you can add as an offered service, such as the Graston Technique®.
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Ankle pain is a common reason for a patient to seek out a physical therapy clinic. In the ICD-10, the diagnosis code for pain in the ankle and foot joints is M25.57. After you evaluate the pain and label it with the proper ICD-10 code, then you have to start building a personalized plan. Read on to learn about the importance of a personalized PT plan and how to design one for ankle pain labeled as ICD-10.
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It’s impossible to do almost anything these days without the help of technology. In the health care industry, technology helps professionals do everything from research to organizing medical history files. It can even allow patients to meet with their doctors through a computer screen.  
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Tune In to PT Insiders

Astym® therapy is a type of therapy that has recently emerged within the physical therapy industry. It’s designed to regenerate soft tissue and dissolve unnecessary scar tissue. Astym is a noninvasive therapy that requires nothing other than simple tools and stretching. During Astym treatment, the physical therapist runs a special tool over the soft tissue in the patient’s body to detect any abnormalities in the tissue.
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As a physical therapy clinic owner, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your clinic. You may be looking to modernize your technology or join a partnership. Or maybe you're even interested in hiring a personal fitness trainer to boost your clinic’s appeal and functionality. Is adding something like personal fitness training to your physical therapy clinic profitable? You can find the answer below.   How could a personal fitness trainer bring profit to your PT clinic?  
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The commitment to providing excellence in the delivery of care includes being committed to making sure we are not allowing bad habits to take root out of convenience.
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