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Resources for Physical Therapists

A good administrative staff can make or break your physical therapy clinic. If you’re a clinic owner looking to hire some new front desk talent, there are a couple of things you should consider before making a hiring decision. If you’re struggling with making decisions, here are a few qualities to look for in your ideal candidates.
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If you’re a physical therapy practice owner, you’ll likely want to know how you can retain your physical therapy patients. Regular visits from patients can ensure a steady flow of income and can build patient loyalty. According to research, about 70% of patients stop attending physical therapy appointments before the recommended date. Patient cancellations can put a damper on business and also affect the workflow of your employees.
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For physical therapy owners, just as it is for any business owner, improving employee engagement and retention rates is vital. It helps ensure that your practice isn’t losing money and efficiency on hiring and training new employees, only to have them decide to move on. Happy employees can make for a thriving business. Here are a few ways to improve your employee engagement and retention rates in your physical therapy clinic.
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A mentor can be a valuable resource for any physical therapy clinic. Mentorship programs can help shape a new physical therapy graduate who has recently started working at your practice. They are instrumental in helping sharpen your team’s workplace skills and expertise. 
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Improving patient compliance at your physical therapy clinic can absolutely be done. Just make sure to follow these three tried-and-true, simple steps.
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