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Compliance & Billing

Compliance & Billing

Like all health care providers, physical therapists must operate in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. Physical therapists must know and follow the rules, but this can prove difficult when you’re busy handling other responsibilities.

Partnering with Alliance gives you access to an upgraded compliance program that not only identifies potential risks but also ensures that your practice meets all standards and regulations.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is one of the most well-known sets of laws in all of health care. HIPAA is designed to protect sensitive patient health information, and health care providers are required to have documented policies in place for training employees on HIPAA laws.

Alliance will work with you to ensure that your business is fully compliant with HIPAA. Not only will this protect your patients’ data, it will protect your reputation.

Billing Compliance

Our billing compliance solutions ensure that your physical therapy services are accurately billed and documented. We’ll oversee your billing and coding processes to ensure compliance with federal and state laws in regard to patient billing.

Other Types of Compliance

HIPAA is not the only set of laws physical therapy clinics must abide by. There are also laws related to labor practices, employee safety and fair hiring you must meet. Every aspect of running a business — from running background checks to paying employees to financial reporting — has laws and regulations around it.

Would your business pass a compliance audit?

Do your working practices meet OSHA guidelines? Are your physical therapists trained to protect patient data? Does your office comply with ADA guidelines?

The first step to full compliance is to develop written policies and procedures for every step in running your physical therapy clinic. A comprehensive manual is a staple in every physical therapy workplace.

Alliance will work with you to develop policies and procedures for your practice so you can train your employees correctly and rest easy knowing you’re fully compliant. If an audit ever happens, we’ll be there to support you and help you prepare.

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