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Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional development and ongoing education are important parts of our company culture. Our employees and clinic owners get access to mentorship programs, leadership training, and continued education opportunities that they can pursue to expand their skills and achieve new goals.

Working in the physical therapy industry presents many career paths, and we want our team members to explore all the pathways that appeal to them. We strive to create a working environment that fosters professional development and education and helps our employees take charge of their own careers.

Clinical Operations Leadership Development

Our Clinical Operational Leadership Development (COLD) program was designed to develop existing and emerging clinical leaders. This annual, multiday event gives our clinical directors the opportunity to expand their leadership skills, learn about best practices and network with other executives from around the country.

The program takes place in person at our corporate office and provides an inclusive learning environment where participants can share ideas, celebrate their successes, and be open about their concerns and struggles.

Our events feature multiple guest speakers who discuss topics related to clinic finances, operations, marketing and more.

Mentorship and Training

Alliance physical therapists have the option to participate in a 16-week mentoring program that begins with the first 30 days of employment.This comprehensive program is designed to accelerate the professional development of recently graduated physical therapists so they can provide the best quality care for their patients.

We offer a similar eight-week program for physical therapy aides. Both programs involve one-on-one clinical mentoring as well as online courses. All team members receive access to a collection of digital education resources that they can explore at their own convenience.

Continued Education

We value lifelong learning, which is why Alliance offers discretionary contributions to a number of continuing education opportunities, including certifications, licensing, testing and training courses.

Our team members are regularly sponsored to attend conferences to present on physical therapy topics, build their professional networks and learn about the most recent updates in our industry.

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Please contact us for more information about partnership opportunities with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. We look forward to learning about you and your legacy and hope to welcome you into the family.

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