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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Physical Therapy
Workers Compensation Physical Therapy
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Workplace injuries happen every day. Slips, trips, falls, crashes and other missteps lead to over 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries during 2020 alone, and that's just counting the injuries that caused a worker to miss at least one day of work. These injuries lead to lost wages for employees and lost revenue for employers, not to mention a decrease in productivity.

That’s why Alliance works to help employees recover and get back to work faster. We help workers recover from a range of common workplace injuries in our clinics, which we’ll discuss below. We’ll also explain some of the treatment methods our specialists use in therapy and what you can expect when you attend an Alliance clinic for physical therapy.

Conditions We Treat

We help patients recover from many of the most common workplace injuries, including:

  • Muscle strains — Torn or overstretched muscles or tendons.

  • Repetitive use injuries — Damage to the bones, nerves, or soft tissue caused by repetitive motions.

  • Fall-related injuries — Fractures, breaks, and other injuries caused by a fall.

  • Auto accident injuries — Injuries occurring after an automobile or machine crash.

  • Balance disorders caused by head injuries or noise exposure — Vestibular disorders that affect an employee's ability to balance themselves.

The list above is not exhaustive; our goal is to help employees overcome any injury that’s left them unable to work.

In addition to physical therapy services, we also provide a range of work-related services designed to prevent and help employees recover from workplace injuries (note: these services are only available in select locations and through select Alliance brands):

  • Functional capacity evaluations FCEs ensure that an employee is fully recovered and able to return to work with or without accommodations. Alliance performs FCEs to help companies determine when their employees are ready to return to the job site.
  • Work conditioning and hardening — Our work conditioning and hardening programs are designed to help patients gain the strength and flexibility needed to perform their job. With these services, we aim to help employees avoid injuries and to help employers reduce the risk of workplace injuries on their worksites.
  • Ergonomic risk analysis — Our ergonomic consultants inspect workplace furniture and equipment to ensure that it’s friendly to the human body. The goal is to reduce the risk of repetitive use injuries over time.
  • Worksite safety services — Our partner, Work-Fit, offers injury prevention and other worksite safety services to help employees avoid and recover from work-related injuries. You can learn more about Work-Fit on their website.

What to Expect During Treatment

Alliance accepts all workers' compensation insurances and provides extended hours for treatments, including early morning and evening appointments, to ensure you get the treatment you need. We also strive to schedule recovering workers as fast as possible, offering same-day appointments whenever. At every point throughout the process, we'll communicate with involved shareholders in the workers' comp case to keep everyone up to date on the employee's recovery.

Each patient’s treatment plan is different. Our physical therapists use a variety of treatment methods to treat patients who’ve been injured on the job, including targeted exercise, manual therapy and more.

If you are an employee who’s suffered a workplace injury, schedule an appointment at an Alliance clinic in your city. If you are an employer looking for physical therapy or injury prevention services for your worksite, contact us to learn more.