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Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Our physical therapy clinics offer each patient the individualized support they need based on their condition. Experience our next-level PT for yourself.

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      Worker's Compensation
Determine current physical limitations and provide evidence-based treatment for improved endurance, flexibility, and strength.
      Direct Access
Access world-class physical therapy with or without a referral from our doctor.
     Virtual PT
A modern and advanced approach to PT made possible through our telehealth platform Agile Virtual PT.

We solidify partnership at every level. Whether we are working with our partners, patients, or employees – we empower them with the tools for success.

Alliance strives to bring people together — collaborating to make physical therapy better for patients, providers and employers. And Alliance is everywhere patients want PT: in-person, at home, at work and online.




Our Alliance of Clinics

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Maria G.

“Always perfecting the patient experience with the warm and caring attitudes. Have gone there for multiple reasons and received great care.”

Mark D.

“Great place for physical therapy. The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. My therapist has done a great job after my surgery. I would highly recommend Back in Motion to anyone.”

Kayla W.

“I love the atmosphere and the people. They always make sure their patients come first and always make sure you’re okay. Highly recommend!”

Irene S.

“I’m so grateful for the professional therapy. Hopefully, at the end of the treatments, I will be greatly improved! Everyone is so kind!”

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