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Agile Virtual PT

Agile Virtual PT

About Agile Virtual PT

PT plans for real life.

Virtual physical therapy offers a convenient alternative to traditional, in-person treatment. Agile Virtual PT (AVPT), our HIPAA-compliant platform, allows therapists to treat patients all over the country. Whether you live in a rural area, have restricted mobility or just prefer not to leave home for treatment, AVPT gives you access to high-quality physical therapy.


The Nation’s Largest Telehealth Physical Therapy Network

Patients love Agile Virtual PT because they can meet with their therapist from the comfort of their own home, making it easy to fit physical therapy into a busy schedule. The platform is simple to use and works on most desktop and mobile devices. Patients who need treatment for specialty conditions can meet with therapists they might not otherwise have access to, and all patients can reach their therapists for questions outside of their session.

Physical therapists love AVPT because they can support more patients. Virtual PT may reduce cancellations and no-shows, as it’s a more convenient option for many people. AVPT is easy to use, HIPAA compliant and a valuable resource for any physical therapy clinic.

AVPT partners with clinics and employers around the country. Learn more about our software and partnership opportunities on the Agile Virtual PT website.