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HR Support & Recruiting

HR Support & Recruiting

Managing an effective HR program takes a lot of work. It involves recruitment, training, payroll, maintaining company policies and a range of other tasks. Most practice owners don’t have time to handle all those tasks, and most practices don’t have a designated HR department.

We take that stress off you by offloading your HR needs to our incredible team of in-house HR experts. We’ll handle recruiting, training, payroll, benefits and everything in between.

Recruitment Solutions

Whether you’re looking for physical therapists, aides, athletic trainers, front office coordinators or someone with specialized training that applies to your practice’s specific needs, we’ll help you find talent. With decades of combined experience in the physical therapy industry, we know what to look for, and we only hire the best. We’ll work with your team to identify your desired qualifications, and we’ll help you find someone who is right at home in your clinic.

The average U.S. employer spends an average of $4,000 and 24 days hiring a new worker. We’ll save you time and money by taking the workload of hiring off your hands.

Employee Training

All new employees go through a professionally led orientation program and receive a packet of onboarding resources to get them up to speed. Your key employees get access to growth and development tools to help them build their skills and achieve their goals.

Payroll & Benefits Management

When you don’t have a full HR department, payroll and benefits become management’s responsibility. Alliance’s HR specialists will take all that work off your hands to ensure that your employees get paid on time and your benefits programs run smoothly.

Maintaining a Family Environment

While Alliance is a national organization with practices all over the country, our clinical leadership team manages each group of practices on a local level. It’s important to us that every practice operates in accordance with our core values: integrity, service, empowerment, passion and growth. Our HR specialists work with our group and regional directors to ensure that every practice is a safe and inclusive environment for employees and patients alike.

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Let’s Build Something Great Together

Please contact us for more information about partnership opportunities with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. We look forward to learning about you and your legacy and hope to welcome you into the family.

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