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Support Services

We’re here to give you the support you need to reach your goals.

We understand all the hard work that goes into running a physical therapy clinic, which is why we give our partners access to resources that can help make their job easier. Let us handle your marketing, recruiting, compliance monitoring and other business processes so you can focus on what you do best: providing high-quality care to your patients.

Here are some of the tools, resources and services Alliance partners get access to:

Direct & Digital Marketing

Reach your customers at home and online. Our marketing experts provide data-driven solutions to help you reach more people in your community who need your physical therapy services. With your input, we’ll handle your website, search engine marketing and advertising so you don’t have to.
Plus, we’ll track and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and report back to you so you can see exactly what we’re doing to help.

HR Support/Talent Acquisition

Today's HR specialists are partners in every aspect of business. They source and onboard the right people, administer best-in-class benefit plans, support training and career growth, work with managers on daily people issues, manage engagement and retention programs, and maintain the work policies that keep us all operating at our highest levels.

Our HR team will make your job easier, while we help you manage your practice with a mission and values-centered focus.

Billing & Compliance Support

Physical therapy practices must operate in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. HIPAA is the most well-known law to comply with, but there are several others: the Fair Labor Standards Act, Age Discrimination Employment Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, etc. Not to mention, every workplace must operate in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Our team will ensure you have all the necessary policies and procedures in place to pass any compliance audit.

Finance Services

We provide intelligent financial and strategic assistance to help you maximize your income. Our finance team assists in the management of reimbursements, expenses, payroll and other money-related aspects of your business. We'll also work with you to determine how expanding your service offerings can help you grow your client base and retain more customers.

Our goal is to help you find the best financial solutions to boost your profitability.

Revenue-Cycle Expertise

From registration and appointment to the final payment, our seasoned revenue cycle managers ensure that every process is organized and managed efficiently, preventing any payment delays.

Very few practices can speak to the breadth of knowledge we have working with insurance companies. Our long-standing experience in this area helps us maximize claims and reimbursements on your behalf. We are here to make our expertise work for you.

Acquisition Management

If you’re looking to sell your practice, our acquisition management team can offer help and guidance through every step. We’ll prepare the documentation, manage the transaction and, most importantly, help you prepare your business for sale to get you the best deal.

Even as you’re selling your business, you’re still an important part of the Alliance community, and we’ll manage every step of the acquisition process with your best interest in mind.

Legal Support

Physical therapists and clinic owners must comply with health care laws and business regulations, and legal issues may arise from time to time. Alliance gives you access to our network of lawyers who ensure that your business is fully compliant.



EMR Software Integration

For years, physical therapy practices and other health care practices have used similar EMR systems. EMR software has helped improve patient experience in many PT practices, yet our Alliance team has found that the unique needs of physical therapists are not being met by standard EMR software. We work with our partners to integrate PT-specific EMR software into their practices.

Professional Development

We are committed to developing existing and emerging clinical leaders. As an Alliance partner, we’ll work with you to help you build your network, expand your skill set and achieve your goals. Through our 16-week mentoring course, our yearly leadership development program, and ongoing educational opportunities, you’ll continue to grow your business and thrive.

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