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About Work-Fit

Healthy companies have healthy employees. Work-Fit provides on-the-job health care, education and injury management services to help companies thrive. Work-Fit can help you keep your team safe and healthy, keeping your company productive and saving you money on workers’ compensation claims.


Work-Fit’s virtual clinic allows your employees to meet with medical professionals online, right on the job site. Our network of physical therapy experts provides injury triage, wellness coaching, injury prevention, ergonomic analysis and work site evaluations remotely. Now, your employees can get the treatment they need right at work, helping to brace the impact on productivity.


Repetitive work tasks can cause strain on a body over time, even if they are simple. Our movement experts coach employees on how to perform their job in a way that limits stress and prevents strain injuries. We also offer suggestions on how to rearrange workstations for ergonomic health to keep employees comfortable and injury-free.

Injury Prevention

Work-Fit helps your company save money on workers’ compensation and health care costs by promoting a culture of preventive care within your organization. We provide educational resources to improve OSHA compliance, to limit on-the-job injuries, and to keep employees safe and healthy both on and off the job site.

Wellness Management

Employee health is about more than proper lifting technique. Work-Fit offers a variety of wellness management programs including fitness consultations and healthy lifestyle education classes. Our experts focus on addressing the common causes of injury and illness to reduce any risks before they affect your employees.

Injury Management

On-site injuries are inevitable. Work-Fit helps to address injuries as quickly and as professionally as possible to help your employees recover as fast as possible. We also provide customized recovery plans for employees for whom physical rehabilitation is required after a work-related injury.

Learn more about how you can prevent injuries and protect your employees’ health on the Work-Fit website.