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Work Conditioning Program

Work Conditioning Program
Work Conditioning Program
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Our Work Conditioning Program is a structured physical conditioning program that helps to foster a safe return to work. The program focuses on fitness, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health and involves simulated work activities that help employees prepare their bodies for work.

The Work Conditioning Program revolves around goal setting, with participants setting short- and long-term physical therapy goals to measure progress.

Who is the Work Conditioning Program for?

The Work Conditioning Program is designed for employers, case managers and insurance companies. It helps to prepare employers for their return to work and to determine when, in fact, they are safe to do so. We provide physical therapy services for employees and functional capacity evaluations to assess each employee's physical capabilities and work readiness.

The Work Conditioning Program is offered in conjunction with injury prevention and on-site physical therapy services for employers:

  • Injury prevention — We perform pre-employment assessments that focus on determining whether an individual is physically capable of performing a specific job, which helps to minimize the risk of worksite injuries proactively
  • On-site physical therapy — Our on-site physical therapy services offer immediate treatment for patients who've been injured or are experiencing chronic pain. Our staff of physical therapists works directly with patients, employers, physicians, and other healthcare providers to deliver the best possible patient outcomes allowing a fast but safe return to work.

What to Expect from the Work Conditioning Program

The Work Conditioning Program is a goal-based work-hardening program. Our physical therapists start by assessing the employee's condition, then work with them to map a realistic path and timeline for their return to work. Depending on the treatment plan, the employee may meet with their physical therapist several times each week for the entire duration of their recovery, which could last up to a few months. We keep employers updated on their employees' recovery throughout the process.

Employees are considered ready to return to work when they can perform their job safely, meet specific productivity benchmarks and surpass the short- and long-term rehabilitation goals outlined by their physical therapist. These goals may relate to strength, flexibility, physical tolerance, endurance and other metrics. Each employee must pass a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) before they are allowed to return to their job.

In cases where patients don't meet their goals due to remaining functional deficits or deconditioning, a higher level of therapeutic intervention may be recommended. Some physical therapists may recommend continued therapy even after the employee's return to work to help them avoid injuring themselves again.

Contact us today if you are an employer interested in our Work Conditioning Program.