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Episode 17: Management of Cancelations and No Shows

Episode 17: Management of Cancelations and No Shows
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Management of cancelations and no shows
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Wed, 11/02/2022 - 10:04

Richard Leaver, PT
Richard Leaver
Chief Executive Officer

In this podcast titled, “Management of Cancelations and No Shows” we speak to Ryan Martin.  Ryan is the Group Director for Back In Motion Physical Therapy in Maine  
Our discussion with Ryan focuses on:

  • How you define a cancelation
  •  Factors that cause cancelations and no shows
  •  Perceived value as a determinant of patient attendance
  •  Setting expectations as a tactic for controlling cancelations and no shows.
  •  When and how  your team sets those expectations
  •  Tactics clinicians use to mitigate cancelations and no shows
  •  The role of the front office to assist with minimizing cancelations and no shows
  •  Thoughts on charging a fee for a cancelation / no show

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