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Physical therapy management for hospitals: finding the right partner

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As an allied health discipline with its own set of practices, procedures and regulations, physical therapy management can be an especially challenging area for hospital administrators. With tighter budgets across all service lines, an aging and growing patient population and new barriers to reimbursement, it can be tempting to put your physical therapy program on the back burner. However, all patients deserve the highest level of care possible, and providing physical therapy services is an essential step in the healing and recovery process.

For these and other reasons, many hospitals enlist the support of a physical therapy management partner. This is an organization with a specific focus on physical therapy, which means they have dedicated knowledge, experience and resources that hospital administrators can leverage for a higher-performing program. To help you better understand the qualities to look for in a partner, we're happy to share the following quick and informative guide.

What to look for in a physical therapy management partner

Hospital leaders who begin working with a physical therapy organization should do so with a long-term mindset. To help you build a truly efficient and cost-effective program that keeps patient needs firmly at the center of care, look for an organization that delivers these qualities:

  • Friendliness and good rapport ” Good communication should be built on cordiality and mutual respect, which in turn can result in more productive relationships.
  • Proven experience ” While physical therapy is a rapidly changing field, a partner with a track record of successful clients has a better chance of helping you navigate the complexities of the field and separate trends from fads.
  • Helpful resources ” Whether it's proprietary physical therapy management systems, workflow procedures or staff development modules, effective partners should offer turnkey solutions that can be implemented with minimal friction to your organization.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we're proud to be able to offer the hospitals we work with all of these qualities and more.

Alliance ” committed to physical therapy management for hospitals

We've been working in the physical therapy sector for more than 50 years, and we're very proud and passionate about the relationships we've forged during this time. Hospitals of all sizes, budgets and locations can find a partner with Alliance that will treat them like family and deliver custom-tailored solutions.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and request an evaluation of your current program and service offerings.