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What to look for in a physical therapy management partner

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For hospitals of all sizes and in all parts of the country, the modern health care landscape can be demanding. If you are a hospital administrator, it can feel like every year you need to do more with less. Expanded service offerings, new compliance guidelines and constant staffing demands are the norm ” all while you're trying to increase patient satisfaction and meet ever-tightening budgetary constraints.

For anyone who is a stakeholder in their facility's therapy services program, a physical therapy management partner can be a tremendous asset to your efforts in meeting these challenges. By leveraging the expertise of a dedicated organization, you can help your patients achieve positive outcomes while streamlining your operations. To give your hospital the best chance of reaching its goals, it's important to find the right partner ” and to do that, you need to know what to look for.

Tips for finding the right physical therapy management partner for you

Above all, the best physical therapy management partner is one that you can build a real relationship with. Communication is key when partnering with a therapy management organization. Here are some indicators that a prospective physical therapy management partner will be able to work with you on this level:

  • Offers a thorough evaluation of your program
  • Has a proven track record in the industry
  • Has worked with hospitals similar to yours
  • Specializes in the therapy services field
  • Clinical and leadership support

When determining if a potential partner is right for you and your hospital, your potential partner should take the time to understand your therapy needs.

The Alliance Physical Therapy Partners difference

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners brings more than 50 years of industry expertise to the table. In this time, we've built productive and successful relationships with hospitals large and small, urban and rural, through clear, forthright communication and a commitment to understanding every facility's unique needs. From compliance support to upgrading health information systems, we'll only make strategic recommendations that are based on an objective audit of your current therapy service needs. Our goal is to provide customized solutions to help you meet your goals for your therapy department.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and ask about having an evaluation of your current therapy services program performed.