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How direct-to-patient marketing can help you increase self-referrals

Direct to Patient Marketing
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Direct-to-patient marketing is a relatively new marketing approach in the medical industry. Previously, health care products were marketed to health care professionals. This was because they’re the ones who use those products on their patients. However, the way that health care products are marketed has shifted significantly. There's been an increase in the health care information that patients have access to. Patients can research the products and services used by health care professionals, and they make the decisions about which products and services best fit their needs. Now, marketing has shifted away from medical professionals and toward patients.

For health care businesses, this means that your marketing focus should center around the patients. Most patients will research a health care clinic online before they choose one. This should suggest to businesses that their marketing efforts should be mostly digital. When you use direct-to-patient marketing, you can help boost your clinic’s self-referred patient numbers.

How can direct-to-patient marketing help clinics get more patients?

  • Building your website — One of the first things you’ll want to do while using the direct-to-patient approach is build your website. Your website will be the platform you use to reach your audience. You can use it to provide your patients with the information they’re looking for. It should detail your services, your products, and the health conditions you treat.
  • Creating digestible content — Another component of implementing the direct-to-patient marketing approach is creating content geared toward patients. You’ll want to make content for your website that your patients can understand. Try to avoid medical jargon. If only health care professionals can understand your content, you'll need to reword it into simpler terms.
  • Showing compassion toward your patients — While you’re implementing the direct-to-patient approach, you’ll also want to build compassionate care into part of your brand. Patients want a health care provider who can provide high-quality care while also treating them with kindness and respect every step of the way.

Alliance PTP wants to help you increase self-referrals through direct-to-patient marketing

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