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The Alliance Partnership Process

2 minutes, 15 seconds

Jillian Lam, Business Development Manager, & Steve Tolger, VP of M&A ”  Partnership through acquisition for any practice owner is not an easy decision but partnering with the right organization like Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, can help with the transition process every step of the way.  We understand the importance of establishing a relationship with practice owners and building a solid foundation from the start. The Alliance team is by your side the entire way, from initial interest discussions to the day of handing over the reins to your practice, guiding and answering questions throughout the progression of partnership. Becoming part of our Alliance includes several steps.


The Alliance Partnership Process

Build relationship between the practice and Alliance

Just as you would require in your personal life, finding a partner who has similar values and culture is non-negotiable. In the early stages of interest, our team and the private practice owner have numerous conversations to get to know each other - building rapport and trust.

  • Series of 45- to 60-minute calls designed to make introductions and provide history of both organizations
  • Discuss goals and the ideal partnership
  • Q&A on any topic is fair game

Exchange pertinent information

We ask the owner to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect the practice's privacy. Our team will request financial and operational data to review that include:

  • Historical financials
  • Key metrics
  • Basic practice information

Assess and value private practice

During this step, we'll discuss financial data and key metrics.

  • Growth strategy and ownership structure of transaction
  • Initial due diligence and findings

Wayne Shaw, Border Therapy Services"Partnering with a strategic partner - like Alliance - allows you the time, flexibility and financial backing to continue to grow your practice and focus on what you do best, which is to deliver quality physical therapy to your community." - Wayne S., Regional Director of Border Therapy Services, an Alliance Physical Therapy Partner

Enact Letter of Intent and full-scale due diligence

Letter of Intent is delivered to practice owner. If the offer is accepted, conversations and diligence continue and include.

  • Deeper due diligence and findings
  • Drafting legal documentation and purchase agreement

Finalize partnership

  • As soon as the acquisition is completed, practice owner(s) receive a pay-out.
  • The ownership transition starts immediately.

Begin implementation

Our dedicated integration team will be on-site on day 1 to assist current staff and educate on our best practices and systems. The Alliance team is here to help make the transition and integration as smooth as possible.

I'm ready to get in touch!

When you become a part of the Alliance network, you receive immediate support benefits. The partnership is designed to reduce the administrative burden and enhance the growth of the practice while continuing to provide the quality care its patients have always received. We grow, together! If you're wondering what the next step is for your practice, click here to learn more about partnerships in care. Our practice owners find that the partnership transaction more than made up for by the additional freedom, promotion, and tools they receive to serve their patients more effectively & efficiently.