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Why is my knee popping after ACL surgery?

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ACL reconstruction surgery is generally for those who have torn ligaments, a torn meniscus or an injury to the knee from sports. It's performed by an orthopedic surgeon and generally can take a while to recover from. It's important to make sure you receive the right recovery treatment at physical therapy to avoid future complications. If you've recently undergone ACL surgery, you'll also want to be on the lookout for certain symptoms and signs, like knee popping.

So, why does my knee keep popping after ACL surgery?

  • Scar tissue buildup ” There could be a few explanations for knee popping, but the primary reason is most often due to scar tissue. Tissue buildup can create stiffness and if you perhaps tear your scar tissue, you may hear a sound. Scar tissue can keep developing even years after an injury or surgery.
  • Weak muscle ” After surgery, the muscles in your quadriceps can become weakened with little use, which can contribute to your popping issue.
  • Soft cartilage ” This is a totally normal reason for knee popping after ACL surgery. It could be that the cartilage around your patellar has become soft, which can create popping noises.

How can physical therapy help in post-surgery recovery?

Physical therapy can be extremely useful to those who have recently undergone an ACL operation, and also for those who have undergone an ACL surgery several years ago. Physical therapists are specialists in creating unique care plans designed to meet your specific care needs.

For help with post-surgical recovery, physical therapy can particularly aid in regaining proper range of motion, reducing swelling and increasing your weight-bearing capacity.

Alliance PTP is ready to help you find top-notch PT for knee popping after ACL surgery

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we're proudly bringing together physical therapy practices across the country to help people get the high-quality PT they need. Want to see a physical therapist in person? We can put you in touch with an Alliance PTP partner that's close to you and that can help you address knee popping after ACL surgery.

Not keen on in-person PT sessions or not close to an Alliance PTP partner? No worries. We also offer effective and affordable virtual physical therapy through our Agile Virtual Physical Therapy platform.

Contact our team today so we can help you find the most effective physical therapy services for your injury or condition.

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