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Which specific body parts are considered part of your upper extremity?

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Upper extremities (UEs) are parts of a unit of the body that function in conjunction with each other. They are broadly categorized into three different parts, each with smaller systems or structures within it.

Health and strong upper extremities are extremely important to people's daily lives. Research indicates that UE strength is necessary to complete everyday activities like reaching for, grabbing and holding a variety of items. It's also important that UE health is regularly maintained to prevent future injury.

Body parts that are part of the upper extremities

  • Upper arm ” The beginning of the upper arm is at the shoulder joint. It includes the region containing the clavicle, shoulder blade, and humerus bones.
  • Forearm ” The forearm consists of the radius and ulna bones.
  • Hand ” In the hand are the carpal, metacarpal and phalange bones.

Each of these sections also has complex systems of muscles, tendons, soft tissue, nerves and veins running through them. Physical therapists are trained to understand the complexity of the parts within the whole of the upper extremities. If you've become injured from a fractured bone, a strained muscle, torn tendon, tight soft tissue or pinched nerve to name a few, PTs know how to build recovery and treatment programs to help   you regain normal function.

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