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What should your facility expect from physical therapy contracted services?

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In the modern health care climate, hospital administrators are always looking for operational efficiencies that result in a more streamlined facility ” without sacrificing the most important goal of delivering exceptional patient care. While physical therapy is a core aspect of the patient journey, it can also be a notoriously difficult department for hospitals to fund and maintain.  

This is why so many hospitals, large and small, urban and rural, are beginning to work with physical therapy contracted services through a specialized, large-scale provider. Outsourcing physical therapy and rehabilitation allows hospitals to draw on the expertise and resources of their contract services provider to create a program that is right for their scale and budget.  

If you are a hospital leader, administrator or executive examining the possibility of working with a physical therapy contract services provider, the following information can give you a little more insight into what you should expect from a partner.      

Compliance strength expertise

One of the single biggest challenges facing many physical therapy units in hospitals is keeping up with the constant stream of regulatory changes. Being compliant requires training, following up and having systems of accountability in place.  

A physical therapy contracted services partner will have a knowledge base and deep understanding of regulatory compliance as well as proven systems to ensure your staff stays up to date. This allows your hospital management team to focus on compliance in other areas of your organization.  

A strategic partner for your leadership

If fundamental concerns such as day-to-day staffing, scheduling and documentation are consuming a large part of your resources, it can seem impossible to focus on areas of your physical therapy department such as performance management and strategic growth.  

A key part of contracting physical therapy services should be an assessment of your current program along with solid strategic recommendations on areas for growth and/or streamlining. The right partner will make this a continuing process and will help you identify new opportunities as they arise.    

Know-how for delivering a positive patient experience

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are absolutely crucial steps in the recovery process for patients, but they need to be properly delivered for it to be effective. If staff is not properly trained or if other personnel such as doctors or nurses are being too heavily relied on for aspects of rehabilitative care, it can have a negative effect on patient experience.  

Outsourcing with the right physical therapy partner can give you access to proven work systems and communication methods for smooth interactions with both patients and other medical staff. Everything should be in service of giving patients the care they deserve while they recover at your facility.  

Connections with top talent in the physical therapy field

Finding high-caliber physical therapists is an ongoing challenge, especially for hospitals that don't have access to larger talent pools. Not having the right people in place can cause all kinds of patient care and operational difficulties, including unnecessary readmissions and lower reimbursements from payers.    

One of the most significant contributions a contract services partner can make to your hospital is the ability to draw from a large network of licensed, experienced and credentialed physical therapists to fit your hospital's exact needs.  

What to expect from Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is one of the leading contract services providers in the industry. We bring decades of experience to the table and we recognize the importance of driving results across this critical line of service. Our partners enjoy immediate access to proven work systems, recruiting resources and solutions for revenue growth.  

At Alliance, we are also proud to offer proprietary rehabilitation performance management software that is custom-built for physical therapy and interfaces with all major health information systems. We designed this tool to create efficiencies with documentation, reduce claim denials and improve productivity for your therapists. This system also provides detailed reporting metrics for tracking performance in real-time and identifying opportunities for growth.  

If you're looking for experts you can trust for physical therapy contract services, turn to Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. We can provide a full assessment of your current physical therapy needs to determine how we can help. Contact us to learn more.