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What to expect when searching for partners in physical therapy for your hospital

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Physical therapy is such an important part of the patient experience for a high number of patients undergoing a hospital stay. However, due to the highly specialized nature of this discipline, hospital leaders can often find themselves challenged in properly administering their department. By working with a partner in physical therapy administration, hospitals can better position themselves to give patients a higher level of care while doing it on a cost-effective basis.

To help you better understand what to look for and what to expect when exploring partners in physical therapy for your hospital, we're happy to share the following informative guide.

Qualities that high-quality partners in physical therapy should display

Any relationship with a physical therapy partner should be built for long-term success. While there may be some quick wins here and there, building a program that balances efficiency and exceptional patient care takes time. That's why these particular qualities are so important:

  • Experience ” Look for a provider that has not only been in the industry for a long time but also has a proven track record of success with similar hospitals. Experience means a partner that is more likely to have encountered the same challenges your program faces.
  • Communication ” From communicating with your hospital leadership to teaching your therapists to better communicate with patients, look for physical therapy partners that understand how to build rapport and consensus with everyone involved.
  • Resources ” Being able to leverage the resources of a physical therapy-focused organization can help you succeed by giving you access to tools and expertise on a cost-effective basis. For example, physical therapy partners should be able to help you implement therapy management software upgrades and offer compliance support to help you stay on top of industry regulations.

The benefits of finding the right partners in physical therapy for your hospital are substantial, including better patient outcomes, increased revenue and streamlined costs.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Working with Alliance means a partner that brings more than 50 years of physical therapy experience to the table. We build successful relationships using all of the qualities listed above, and we do it on a highly individualized basis, creating plans that are right-sized for the facilities we work with. Ready to learn more? Contact us today and ask to schedule a thorough evaluation of your physical therapy department and the potential solutions that could work for you.