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Three therapy management resources your hospital needs to succeed

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Physical, speech and occupational therapy are the services that bridge the gap between treatment and healing, and they complete the comprehensive patient experience that renders high patient satisfaction ratings for hospitals. Rehabilitation is a necessity to long-term hospital success. Because of this, it's important to make sure that your physical, speech and occupational therapy department is equipped with the resources needed to succeed.

Take a look at these three resources your hospital can begin implementing in order to increase patient satisfaction and protect the longevity of your hospital.

  1. Outsourced therapy services ”For many hospitals that struggle with the financial and administrative bandwidth to add a physical, speech and occupational therapy ward, outsourced services are the answer. This outsourced service allows you to create a comprehensive patient experience and open a new marketing strategy to drive patients to your physical, speech and occupational therapy services.
  1. Therapy services consultation ”A therapy services consultation will allow you to work with an expert in hospital-based physical, speech and occupational therapy practices to measure the efficacy of your services. A consultant can help determine your needs from an administrative and budget perspective and then help you design a physical, speech and occupational therapy service that meets those needs, whether in-house or partnered with an outsourced service.
  1. Patient experience evaluation ” Because physical, speech and occupational therapy is so closely tied to the overall patient experience, a consultant can help evaluate your current patient experience in order to improve your ratings. Not only can this therapy management resource help you analyze your patient wait times and scheduling issues, it is also an effective method of patient communication that empowers patients on their journey to wellness.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we have more than 50 years of experience working with hospitals to design and implement optimal physical, speech and occupational therapy solutions. Our outsourced services have been shown to reduce overhead expenses and increase profitability for hospitals. To learn more about the physical therapy resources we can offer your hospital, contact our team today.