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Three signs your hospital needs contract physical therapy

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Modern hospitals face an increasingly large number of challenges in meeting the needs of patients while staying within budgetary and administrative constraints. Despite how important it is, physical therapy is a particularly difficult service for hospitals to deliver to patients. This is because physical therapy units have unique staffing, compliance and performance management needs.

Contract physical therapy can help hospitals overcome these obstacles to deliver the therapy and rehabilitation services that patients deserve on a cost-effective basis. By leveraging the resources and expertise of an organization that is dedicated to physical therapy, hospitals can provide a better quality of care that is scaled to their operational requirements.

If you're a hospital leader trying to determine if contract physical therapy can work for your facility, we're sharing this guide to the common signs that many of the facilities who can benefit from this service have in common.

Here are three indicators that contract physical therapy can help your facility

If one or more of the following apply to your hospital, there's a good chance that contract physical therapy can help you meet your needs:

  1. You are a critical access facility ” Smaller hospitals serving rural areas are among the most budgetarily challenged facilities in the country. Yet the patients they serve deserve the same level of care as larger and more well-funded hospitals. By using contract services, critical access facilities can provide a high-quality therapy service.
  2. You have difficulty meeting staffing levels ” Finding qualified physical therapists can be a major hurdle in an increasingly competitive job market. Contract physical therapy can offer recruiting assistance and access to top talent.
  3. You have compliance and documentation challenges ” The busier your hospital gets, the harder it is to find the time to stay up to date with regulations and to properly document the services being delivered. Contract therapy services can offer assistance with proven systems of work that can increase compliance and help with reimbursements from payers.

Finding a contract physical therapy partner who is right for you

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a contract therapy provider with decades of experience in this field. Working with us means receiving a comprehensive suite of services, including staffing support, performance management, proprietary EMR systems and strategic planning. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach for contract physical therapy, we believe in building true partnerships and designing custom-built solutions to help your hospital achieve its patient care goals while staying within your budgetary constraints.

If you'd like to learn more and receive an assessment of your current therapy services, please contact us today.