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Three key questions to ask when looking for a physical therapy department management consultant

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Choosing the right physical therapy consultant for your hospital's inpatient program can make a huge difference in your ability to accomplish your department's goals. Physical therapy is a specialized field that requires specialized knowledge, but no two departments are exactly the same. This means that any consultant will need your help in truly understanding what makes your program tick.  

This highlights the importance of a collaborative relationship between hospital leadership and a physical therapy department management consultant. In addition to the tangibles, such as years of experience, credentials and track record, you also want to get a feel for the intangibles, including communication style and philosophy of patient care.

To help clarify this search, here are three questions you should ask when looking at prospective physical therapy consultants.  

1. How many years of experience do you have?

There really is no substitute for experience. The more hospital departments that a qualified consultant has seen, the more likely he or she has encountered and has solutions to the types of challenges you are facing. This also gives you the chance to ask follow-up questions regarding client satisfaction and success stories. Finally, when researching a potential consultant or consulting organization, more experience means a larger and more accurate sampling of their success.  

2. Does your organization specialize in physical therapy and other therapy services?

Working with a therapy-focused organization that deals exclusively with physical, occupational and speech therapy gives your hospital the ability to leverage highly specialized knowledge and resources. If the company has too broad a focus, you run the risk of working with a consultant for whom physical therapy may be an afterthought.  

3. What is your communication style and approach to patient care?

You need a physical therapy department management consultant who will provide transparent and honest communication, while being available when you need them. The way they answer this question and respond in general when first talking should establish trust and confidence. Trust your instincts; if you aren't comfortable talking with a prospective consultant in the beginning, it can be a warning sign for the future working relationship. You also want a management partner who is as focused on patient care as you are. While reducing expenses and increasing revenue are fundamental operational requirements, a consultant needs to clearly demonstrate how better operations will help the patients under your care.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has the answers you need

Alliance is an organization with more than 50 years of dedicated physical therapy experience. We've built successful long-term relationships with satisfied hospitals across the United States through solid communication, mutual respect and practical solutions. We're passionate about treating our partners like family and will strive to work closely with you to understand your departmental needs and develop right-sized strategies.  

To learn more about how we can help, contact us today. Our consultants can perform a detailed evaluation of your physical therapy department to identify your current needs.