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Three benefits of physical therapy billing services

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Running a successful physical therapy department should always be about keeping patients at the center of the care experience. Whether recovering from surgery or a serious injury, therapists play a key role in helping patients regain function and achieve long-term wellness. Providing this much-needed piece of care on an inpatient basis can help your facility improve overall patient satisfaction and reduce costly readmissions.

As a hospital leader, you probably also understand the importance of operational efficiency in your therapy department. To make sure that the right level of patient care is delivered, billing and revenue must be managed successfully. However, billing practices and regulations are constantly changing in the modern health care environment. This is particularly true for physical therapy billing services, which has its own unique needs and properties. To help ensure correct reimbursement, many facilities enlist the support of a dedicated contract services organization with specialized knowledge in physical therapy billing.

What are the specific benefits offered by physical therapy billing services?

Hospitals that work with a contract services partner can experience the following benefits for billing support:

  1. Proven billing systems ” Contract therapy services offering billing support typically have proprietary systems that are designed specifically for the needs of physical therapy departments to increase revenue.
  2. Personalized support ” Every facility and department has different needs, so the best contract therapy services will offer customized billing support.
  3. Industry-specific knowledge ” Physical therapy departments will have unique needs compared to other service lines, which can sometimes represent a challenge for hospital administration. Physical therapy billing services can be better provided by an organization with dedicated industry expertise.

With the help of a dedicated partner, your hospital can see increased revenue and streamlined operations, allowing your staff to keep the focus where it belongs ” on your patients.

Physical therapy billing services with Alliance

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has more than 50 years of experience in the industry that we want to help put to work for you. From billing services to staffing support to integrating state-of-the-art EMR systems into your department, we can help you achieve your patient care and administrative goals.

To learn more about what we can offer and how you can receive a comprehensive review of your current therapy program, contact us today.