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Three benefits that an occupational therapy contract company can give you

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Patients have more options than ever before to receive occupational therapy, but if they can receive it while under hospital care, there are a number of specific benefits that can be enjoyed. Like other therapy services, if an occupational therapist can begin to administer care as soon as recovery begins, it can lead to better outcomes, quicker return to daily activities and decreased chances of a costly readmission.

What's more, while there are logistical and administrative challenges involved, an occupational therapy program can be a net revenue contributor to your hospital in the right circumstances. One solution that an increasing number of hospital executives are turning to is support from an occupational contract company. By working as a partner to your facility, a dedicated occupational therapy company can provide the support necessary to build a program that exceeds your goals.

What should you expect from an occupational therapy company?

By working with a partner to meet your hospital's occupational therapy needs, you can realize these important and specific benefits:

  1. Reduced overhead Efficient occupational therapy management requires specialized knowledge and dedicated resources. For leaders without a dedicated background in therapy services, the time and effort saved and the efficiency gained by working with a dedicated partner can be significant.
  2. Increased revenue ” Occupational therapy has highly specific documentation and billing practices. Specialized occupational therapy partners have the experience and systems that can help ensure timely reimbursement from payers.
  3. Regulatory compliance ” It's important to stay compliant with industry standards in a constantly shifting environment. Occupational therapy companies spend all their time staying on top of industry developments, so you don't have to.

These are just some of the advantages your facility can gain from partnering with a company for your occupational therapy program.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners will treat you like family

We understand that hospitals have individual needs that require individualized support ” including for occupational therapy. That's why Alliance Physical Therapy Partners believes in treating our partners the same as you deliver exceptional patient care.

To learn more about our full range of services, contact us today. We'll be glad to schedule an assessment of your occupational therapy program and provide recommendations that are right sized for you.