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Starting a Physical Therapy Clinic

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Starting a Physical Therapy Clinic? Partner with the Experts

Starting a physical therapy clinic  not only lets you be your own boss but offers the potential to increase your income.   You gain the ability to provide the kind of care you want for your patients and to hire people you want working for you.   The downside is you also have the administrative headache that goes along with running a business including coming up with an effective marketing campaign and planning long-term goals.   If your dream is to run your own clinic without all the administrative hassle, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners' managed services and support are the solution.

Take the Next Step to Starting a Physical Therapy Practice

Alliance is a network of successful practice owners who have banded together to take advantage of the consultative advice, managed services and financial support we provide to our members.   We understand that one of the major obstacles to starting a business is the prohibitively high start-up costs.   We also know it can be difficult for many practice owners to go it alone in this competitive, challenging healthcare landscape without the support of an expert team such as Alliance having their back.

Once you partner with Alliance, you are in charge and have the ability to run the clinic the way you think is best.   Our job is to provide all of the tools and resources to ensure your success.   Alliance services and support include billing, software, payroll, workers compensation, and employee benefits as well as effective, targeted marketing and strategic planning.

If you are an entrepreneurial spirited physical therapist who would like to learn more about starting a physical therapy business or are already a practice owner, we would like to talk to you.   Our time-tested solutions are designed to make your job easier and improve your potential for success.