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PT management support systems with a contract therapy provider

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Physical therapy (PT) management plays a key role in successful patient outcomes for a large number of hospital patients. Having a well-run and smoothly functioning PT department allows patients to receive the rehabilitation they need to help along the healing and recovery process. To accomplish this, hospital leaders require a number of PT management support systems to ensure a high level of care.

For many hospitals, PT management is a serious challenge due to limited time and resources. This is why more administrators and executives are turning to contract therapy providers for the support they need. To help you learn more about the specific PT management support systems that a contract therapy provider can offer, we've created the following overview.

Specific support systems that PT departments require

Examples of management support systems that PT departments need include:

  • Recruiting, hiring and staffing ” To get the best people with the right credentials and approach to patient care
  • Training, development and performance management ” To keep your staff up to date with the best physical therapy practices
  • Compliance and billing support ” To stay in line with regulations and keep revenue flowing in
  • Strategic planning and new service offerings ” To make sure your department is growing and offering patients a full range of treatments
  • Efficient workflow systems and proprietary software ” To ensure your staff is able to use time productively and not dealing with slow, antiquated systems

For hospitals with limited budgets and resources, providing all of these key functions through internal administration is not always feasible. Contract therapy services can deliver high-caliber PT management support that scales to different budgets and needs.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has industry-leading support systems

From proprietary health information systems to access to recruiting networks, Alliance can help you achieve your patient care and operational goals. We bring a passion for personal relationships and more than 50 years of physical therapy experience to the table. No matter how big or small your facility is, your patients deserve a high level of care.

Contact us today to find out how you can receive a comprehensive assessment of your current program and your PT management support needs.