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Providing inpatient physical therapy in a competitive marketplace

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Inpatient physical therapy can help patients start the recovery process as early as possible, which can help promote better patient outcomes. However, the marketplace for physical therapy providers, even inpatient therapy, is more competitive than ever. Patients recently discharged from hospitals with serious injuries and conditions are increasingly seeking physical, speech, and occupational therapy services.

For hospitals that are challenged to provide quality services on a level that meets perpetually tight administrative budgets, it may even seem expedient to refer patients to an off-site facility. However, by working with the right partner, it's possible to provide inpatient therapy that delivers an exceptional patient experience, improves outcomes and contributes to the profitability of your hospital. Inpatient therapy offerings can include speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

How a specialized inpatient therapy partner can help you reach more people

The fact is that patients receiving therapy services at your facility instead of going to inpatient physical therapy facilities near them can potentially result in the following advantages:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Decreased risk of costly readmissions
  • Increased revenue streams

With the assistance that a highly specialized and experienced contract therapy provider offers, hospitals can streamline their services while improving the quality of care. Specific service offerings can range from recruiting support to strategic planning and program development assistance.

Turn to the experts at Alliance

If you're looking to make your inpatient therapy departments more competitive, profitable and patient-friendly, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help. We can perform a full audit of your therapy program and deliver recommendations on the services that will better help the patients near you. Alliance brings more than 50 years of proven physical therapy experience to the table, and we've successfully grown a network of satisfied hospital partners across the United States. We offer proven workflows, a top-rate talent network and proprietary software that is compatible with most major electronic medical records systems.

Want to find out how we can help your hospital? Contact our team today to learn more and to schedule a meeting with the experts at Alliance.