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Physical Therapy Franchise

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Thinking about a Physical Therapy Franchise - Partnering with Alliance is a Better Way to Go!

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we have tried and true systems already in place to build or expand a successful practice without the disadvantages of purchasing a  physical therapy franchise  which requires payment of royalties and loss of control over your business. Our team is comprised of healthcare leaders who understand the market and provide the tools and resources our partners need in order to be successful and provide quality patient care.   When you take advantage of the professional services and consultative advice at Alliance, you eliminate the burden of operating as a franchise, while getting the capital and services required to expand your business and maximize profits.

Support Your Dream without a Physical Therapy Franchise

Alliance's network members are successful practice owners from across the country that joined forces to reap the numerous benefits gained from strength in numbers.   By uniting our knowledge, the Alliance team has put in place the best systems for operating and marketing a physical therapy practice that covers everything from compliance and human resources to direct marketing and acquisition strategy.   Our managed services and support can help you simplify procedures such as billing, payroll, employee benefits, workers' compensation and much more.

Once you partner with Alliance, you will see immediate financial benefits.These benefits include getting the capital and resources to help expand your business and increase your influence in your community.   Furthermore, as we grow and add new practices, each individual member of the group benefits.

Whether you are a physical therapist who has always wanted to run your own clinic or a practice owner struggling with the administrative side of the business and unable to focus on patient care, we can help.   We invite you to contact our team to discuss the many advantages of becoming an Alliance member rather than purchasing a physical therapy franchise.