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Physical therapy administration: three ways a partner can help

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Patients staying at a hospital can benefit from receiving physical therapy as early in the recovery process as possible. From improving patient satisfaction to reducing costly hospital readmission rates, there is evidence that physical therapy can help.However, physical therapy administration requires dedicated resources and specialized knowledge that many hospitals need assistance in delivering.  

By turning to an organization with an exclusive focus on physical therapy administration, facilities of all types can leverage this specialization on a cost-effective basis. If you're wondering if your hospital can benefit, here are three of the most important ways a partner can help:  

1. Assistance with building a winning team  

With staff turnover, growing patient populations and tightening accreditation requirements, keeping your departmental roster full can be a challenge. With the right partner, your hospital can gain access to top talent, learn about best practices for recruiting and hiring, and implement training and development programs that keep your team engaged and armed with the latest knowledge.  

2. Strategic support for long-term growth

Many programs struggle with outdated service offerings and equipment but are unsure how to update their department in a budget-friendly manner. A physical therapy administration partner can offer guidance for expanding service offerings and growing your department while reducing unnecessary expenses and increasing revenue.  

3. Billing and compliance improvements

By reducing claims denials and lowering your exposure to regulatory fines, improved physical therapy administration can result in a significant increase in your program's contribution to the operational stability of your hospital. A dedicated partner can help you put the right systems and workflows in place to increase efficiency and reduce errors.  

Discover the Alliance difference

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we believe in patient care above all else. With more efficient administration, your team will be able to spend more time focusing on what matters: helping patients regain function and get back to daily activities. We'll give you the help you need so you can help your patients, and we'll do it with respectful communication and a highly collaborative approach.  

To receive a detailed assessment of your program and how to improve physical therapy administration, contact us today.