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Owning Your Own Physical Therapy Practice

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Owning Your Own Physical Therapy Practice - Rewards & Challenges

While  owning your own physical therapy practice  has many rewards, it can be extremely difficult to go it alone in this healthcare landscape.   Our goal at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is to provide support for practice owners such as capital investment, managed services and consultative advice to help them succeed.   When you join the Alliance network, you gain access to a team of professionals with experience in direct marketing, acquisitions, compliance, technology, and strategic growth of physical therapy practices.   Additionally, you have the opportunity to knowledge share with other successful practices across our network.

Eliminate the Risk of Owning Your Own Physical Therapy Practice

Every indication points to an increasing demand for physical therapy services as baby boomers age.   However while small, independently owned clinics account for around 45% of all physical therapy clinics, no single owner clinic captures more than 5% of the market share.   At Alliance we know it is important to you to achieve your full potential, which is why we make it our business to support your expansion dreams and help you benefit many patients in your area.

As a member of the premier national physical therapy company, you are offered services that include marketing, compliance, human resources, finance and professional development. You will also receive the financial backing along with expert strategic planning to successfully expand your practice through new locations or acquisition.

Owning your own physical therapy practice just got easier when you partner with Alliance.   You not only get the financial security of receiving a paycheck and a quarterly distribution, but you will lead your practice with complete autonomy.   Eliminate the risk of going it alone by contacting us to learn more about the advantages of forming a true Alliance.