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Outsourcing to a dedicated physical therapy company ” what you should know

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For a physical therapy department to be successful in a hospital setting, hospital leaders need the resources and expertise necessary to properly administer this important service line. Whether patients are recovering from surgery, conditions like a stroke or a heart attack or from traumatic injury, physical therapy can help patients get back on their feet faster and a better chance at long-term positive outcomes.

However, when it comes to day-to-day operations, the services, documentation and management needs can be so unique that administrators from other backgrounds often find themselves challenged to give this department the attention it deserves. This is why working with a dedicated physical therapy company can be such an effective solution.

A company that provides contract physical therapy services can bring dedicated industry expertise at a scale that fits any size hospital and budget. If you want to learn more about how a physical therapy company can help you improve patient satisfaction and streamline your operations, we've created the following guide to help.

What can a contract therapy services company offer your facility?

Contract physical therapy companies can offer a wide variety of services to the hospitals they work for. Each facility has unique needs, so the best contract therapy providers will take a customized approach to creating a plan that is tailored to each hospital. Typical services can include:

  • Staffing support through access to top recruiting networks
  • Performance management and development
  • Regulatory compliance and billing support to decrease costs and increase revenue
  • Strategic planning and recommendations for expanded offerings
  • Implementation of new integrated systems and workflows

A properly managed therapy department can boost your bottom line and more importantly, improve patient experience and satisfaction for those under your care.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a company with decades of experience

We have hospital partners across the United States who we help by building highly personal relationships with them. Here is what one of our satisfied partners had to say:

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners have been our rehab provider for over 25 years. During that time, our program has seen exceptional growth, good cost management and excellent leadership. Alliance's service is priceless when it comes to quality and the added value they bring to our program. Alliance is committed to the success of our rehab program.

” Stephanie Riemer-Matusak, Former CEO, Mercy Hospital Grayling

Find out how we can help you with an assessment of your current therapy program when you contact us today.