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Opening Your Own Physical Therapy Practice

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Opening Your Own Physical Therapy Practice is Easier with a Partner

Opening your own physical therapy practice  has never been easier than when you partner with the team at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners.   Our expertise provides motivated practitioners the needed capital to expand through new locations or acquisitions in addition to offering a range of support services to ensure their success. We have created effective systems to improve your marketing outreach as well as your management and financial strength - all with the goal of preserving and enhancing your brand and allowing you to reach more patients.

Get the Tools & Resources for Opening Your Own Physical Therapy Practice

The Alliance network consists of large and small practice owners who recognize the strength in numbers. As our network grows, and more practices join the group, the value of the entire network also increases.   Each practice owner not only benefits from their own individual performance but from the growth of the entire Alliance network.

As a member, you will be in charge of the practice and make decisions regarding the care of your patients and staff while also receiving a salary and a quarterly distribution.   Furthermore, to make your job and that of your administrative team easier, we offer a range of managed services to help with payroll, benefits, worker's compensation and recruitment. In addition you will gain access to support as you need it with marketing, compliance, human resources, billing, finance and professional training.

When opening your own physical therapy practice, teaming up with Alliance allows you to knowledge share with successful practice owners across the network in both operational and clinical skills.   Contact us to learn more about how you can get the financial support and tools you need to optimize your clinic's success.