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Improving physical therapy administration and management

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Health care leadership is under more pressure than ever before to deliver higher levels of patient care on seemingly ever-tightening budgets. Hospitals that are facing challenges administering core service lines can find particular difficulties in successfully managing a physical therapy unit. With unique practices, training, regulations and documentation requirements, health care managers can easily find themselves lacking the specialized knowledge and resources required to have an efficient program that meets the needs of patients while remaining cost effective.

Fortunately, there are effective solutions to these hurdles, including working with a contract therapy services provider. We're sharing the following guide to highlight some of the specific problems that hospital therapy programs face and how a contract services provider can help with physical therapy administration and management.

Challenges facing hospital physical therapy programs

If you are a hospital administrator who has any oversight over a physical therapy program, you have probably dealt with some or all of the following challenges:

  • Recruiting and staffing ” It can be hard to hire and retain qualified talent, particularly if your hospital is a smaller or critical access facility in a rural area.
  • Performance management ” Hospital managers can struggle to supervise therapists and keep them up to date with the latest practices, particularly if leadership doesn't have a physical therapy and rehabilitation background.
  • Compliance ” Similarly, therapy has unique regulatory and documentation requirements that can take valuable time and resources to stay on top of.
  • Marketing ” Making patients, and even your own staff, aware of the physical therapy services you offer is yet another challenge that hospital leaders face.

Proper physical therapy administration and management can help overcome these challenges and turn your program into a contributor both in terms of patient satisfaction and revenue. With the right partner, not only can your therapy unit be an efficient part of your facility, but it can also be growth oriented and help you achieve your strategic goals.

How Alliance can help with physical therapy administration and management

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides contract services that hospitals of any size, location and budget can leverage to build or improve their therapy program. We can give you access to top therapy talent, strategic planning support, turnkey compliance and documentation solutions, and marketing expertise. Alliance is also proud to provide proprietary performance management software that interfaces with all major health information systems and provides real-time analytics for process improvement.

To learn more about how we can help with your physical therapy management needs, contact our team today. We can provide an assessment of your current program and identify performance opportunities.