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How to reduce overtime for therapy service providers in hospitals

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While physical, speech and occupational therapy in a hospital is key to improving overall patient satisfaction, not all hospitals have the bandwidth to manage a team. The recruitment alone would increase your overhead expenses, and the manpower needed to administer schedules and coordinate services with physicians and nurses is more than what most smaller hospitals can leverage. What typically happens in these situations is that the team is understaffed and overworked, and the patients suffer because of it.

Physical, speech and occupational therapy is often the last point of contact that a patient has on their treatment journey. So, if your staff is overworked and exhausted, your patients are going to notice. A recent study predicted that a lost patient due to dissatisfaction equates to roughly $200,000 in lost revenue during the lifetime of the one patient. Therefore, it benefits not only your therapists but also the long-term success of your hospital to make sure that your staff is not forced into overtime on a consistent basis.

A therapy management services solution

By properly managing your patient therapy services department, you can reduce the risk of costly readmissions that threaten the stability of a small-budget operation. With Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we can work with your team to implement and manage an outsourced team that adheres to your budget guidelines.

Our therapy management services solution provides the following services to meet your operational challenges:

  • Auditing the performance of your current services and assessing the demand for future rehabilitation services
  • Determining the best strategy for growth and development, as well as measuring and tracking outcomes
  • Implanting leaders specialized in hospital rehabilitation programs
  • Staying ahead of regulatory changes and innovations and providing education as needed
  • Maintaining constant and effective communication with other hospital staff

Our team has more than 50 years of experience working with hospitals to implement successful rehabilitation programs to help increase patient satisfaction. To learn more about how our services can help reduce recruitment issues and decrease overtime needed to cover patient care, contact us today.

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