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How to find the best office chair for sciatica relief: 3 qualities to look for

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Sciatica is a condition that causes pain, tingling or numbness along the sciatic nerve. It can last anywhere from four to six weeks and can become recurring if the root of the issue is left untreated for an extended period of time. It's most often caused by inflammation or compression of the nerve, usually by a bone spur or herniated disc pressing on the nerve.

For those who have recurring sciatica, sitting can often be painful ” especially so for people who do work every day at a desk. However, there are certain types of office chairs that can help with sciatic nerve pain. Keep reading to learn about some qualities of the best office chairs for your pain.

What should I be looking for in an office chair that can best help with my sciatica?

  • Lumbar support ” The best office chairs for sciatica have lumbar support. This is important because the right lumbar support can prevent further compression or pinching of the sciatic nerve and may prevent any further pain or numbness.
  • A footrest feature ” Good office chairs for those with sciatica will include footrest pieces to support the weight in your lower body, to provide better circulation, and for better posture.
  • Waterfall design ” Some of the best office chairs for sciatica sufferers are those with waterfall designs. The rounded shape and edges are useful for preventing spinal compression and opening the body so that it's not at a sharp 90-degree angle while you're working.

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