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Going to PT could be the best thing you ever do for your balance: Here's why

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There are many reasons why someone could be suffering from a balance disorder. Infections of the inner ear, the use of certain medications and the natural aging process are just a few of the reasons why we may experience a loss of balance. Balance disorders can sometimes come suddenly, and with no clearly obvious cause. Nevertheless, a loss of balance can lead to a fall, which can not only cause injury but a loss of independence as well. For patients suffering from a loss of balance, physical therapy is a highly effective and safe way to help correct the cause of their balance disorder. A physical therapist can help identify the causes of balance disorders and develop a treatment plan that can treat the problem at its source.

How can physical therapy help your balance?

Physical therapy for balance problems begins with an assessment, in which your physical therapist identifies your balance issues. Based on the results, your therapist will develop a balance training program to correct problems with your balance and help treat your underlying conditions. The benefits of physical therapy for balance include:

  • Improved balance ” Balance training helps to improve the communication between your brain and your muscles. This helps improve your coordination and reduce symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo.
  • Increased strength ” Building the strength in your core muscles greatly improves your ability to stay balanced. It also helps prevent injury in the event of a fall.
  • Reduced risk of falls ” Falling is one of the biggest fears of many patients. This is particularly true of older adults who are at greater risk of injury during a fall. Balance training helps to alleviate those fears by building the strength, coordination and confidence to greatly reduce the risk of falls.

Alliance PTP is ready to help you find top-notch PT for improving your balance

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we're proudly bringing together physical therapy practices across the country to help people get the high-quality PT they need. Want to see a physical therapist in person? We can put you in touch with an Alliance PTP partner that's close to you and who can help you address your balance issues. Not keen on in-person PT sessions or not close to an Alliance PTP partner? No worries. We also offer effective and affordable virtual physical therapy through our Agile Virtual Physical Therapy platform. Contact our team today so we can help you find the most effective physical therapy services for your injury or condition.

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