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Front desk hiring: 3 qualities to look for in administrative staff

Front desk hiring: 3 qualities to look for in administrative staff
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A good administrative staff can make or break your physical therapy clinic. If you’re a clinic owner looking to hire some new front desk talent, there are a couple of things you should consider before making a hiring decision. If you’re struggling with making decisions, here are a few qualities to look for in your ideal candidates.

What are some qualities that you should look for while hiring your front desk staff?

  • Multitasking capabilities — Multitasking skills are a must-have for your physical therapy practice’s administrative staff. Your employees will likely need to handle multiple things at once and they should be able to manage these things efficiently. If you think a candidate seems unable to handle multiple tasks in one time period, they may not be a good match for your administrative staff hiring needs.
  • Flexibility — Depending on the size and needs of your physical therapy practice, your administrative staff may need to take on a variety of tasks. You should make sure that the people you hire to work behind your clinic’s front desk can be flexible in times of need.
  • Technological aptitude — Most front desk physical therapy staff are now required to have a certain degree of technological aptitude. This means an ability to fluidly use the front desk computers, phones and other technology required to keep the administrative side of the office running smoothly. If you’re searching for qualified front desk staff, be sure to look for technological aptitude that matches your practice’s technological use.

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