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Four reasons to upgrade your physical therapy software

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For any physical therapy department, there's no substitute for a high-performing team of qualified therapists who are passionate about delivering patient-centered care. Having the right people can drive efficiency and patient satisfaction like nothing else. In this context, physical therapy management software is a tool that can help your team do their job even better. The right tool can make a great team even better, helping with retention and making your department more attractive in recruiting the right talent.

Unfortunately, many facilities are saddled with outdated software that is more of a hindrance than a productivity booster. Some administrators find themselves in a situation where even the best team is slowed down by buggy software that therapists are constantly having to find workarounds for.

How can a physical therapy software upgrade help?

Along with other service offerings, many contract therapy management providers, including Alliance, offer proprietary physical therapy management software. To help you better understand the potential advantages of upgrading your physical therapy software, we're sharing the following benefits:

  1. Compatibility with other systems ” As other hospital software continues to evolve, older physical therapy software can suffer from compatibility and interfacing issues. At Alliance, our proprietary electronic medical records (EMR) software is designed to be compatible with all major health information systems (HIS).
  2. Increased revenue ” Physical therapy-specific software helps therapists properly document services performed for billing purposes. This leads to fewer billing errors and more accepted claims from payers.
  3. Increased patient satisfaction ” A smoother-running department means therapists can spend more time doing what they're supposed to: delivering excellent patient care that leads to better outcomes.
  4. Reduced costs ” Increased efficiency can mean fewer payroll hours spent for the same level of care, fewer compliance issues and even reduced staff turnover.

Our proprietary physical therapy software was created by clinicians for clinicians and is designed to easily integrate with all major EMR systems.