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Five benefits of a contract therapy partnership for inpatient rehab

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Patients undergoing a hospital stay for nearly any reason can benefit from receiving inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services. In addition to the convenience of not having to go to an off-site inpatient rehab facility near them, patients can also benefit by getting a jump-start on the healing process while they're still under your care.

To help deliver this important part of the treatment picture, many hospitals are working with a contract therapy service provider. By leveraging the industry-specific knowledge of a dedicated organization, hospitals can offer patients the care they deserve on a cost-effective basis, helping patients avoid the need to go to another physical therapy and rehabilitation facility.

Key advantages of partnering with a therapy provider

Five of the core benefits that a contract therapy provider can offer to a hospital's physical therapy inpatient rehab program include:

  1. Workflow improvement ” A therapy service can help streamline therapist workflows to the benefit of patients, staff and leadership alike.
  2. Training and development ” Inpatient physical therapy and rehab has very specific best practices that are constantly changing. A dedicated organization can help keep your team up to date.
  3. Strategic support ” From adding new services to refining patient-facing messaging for your program, a contract therapy partner can give you the guidance you need.
  4. Regulatory compliance ” Therapy providers are required to keep up with the constantly shifting physical therapy regulatory environment. This allows hospital executives to leverage this knowledge on a level that scales to their budgets.
  5. Proprietary systems ” Inpatient physical therapy and rehab can benefit from specialized program management software developed by an organization with a deep understanding of the unique needs of therapy services.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners helps hospitals achieve these and other goals on a daily basis to increase patient experience and department profitability

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