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Do you need a strategic partner for physical therapy?

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Developing and growing your hospital's physical therapy program requires guidance to take it in the direction it needs to go. This means developing a strategy that is based on dedicated expertise in this field. To help with this goal, more and more hospitals are turning to physical therapy strategic partners who can provide unique knowledge and insight into the needs of therapy and rehabilitation departments.

Physical therapy needs to be introduced as early in the treatment and recovery process as possible. This means providing inpatient care in a hospital, not waiting until discharge to go to an outpatient facility. By then, patients can potentially already be experiencing issues like muscle atrophy, decreased circulation and diminished motor function. In addition to hurting outcomes, it can also lead to the potential for costly readmissions for your hospital.

Whether you're trying to grow, right-size or completely overhaul your physical therapy department, a strategic partner can assess your current needs and make recommendations that are feasible for your needs.    

What kind of strategic support can a physical therapy partner offer?

To help your hospital develop and achieve strategic physical therapy goals, a dedicated partner can look at the following areas:

  • Your staffing levels and needs
  • Current service offerings and opportunities
  • Documentation practices and recommendations
  • Performance management software
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Communication with patients and other service line professionals

The right partner can offer recommendations and provide turnkey solutions for these aspects of your program that can help to increase efficiency, streamline costs, boost revenue from payers and lead to healthier, more satisfied patients.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners ” more than 50 years of expertise

Hospitals of all sizes and in all locations turn to Alliance for strategic partnerships that boost operational efficiency and increase patient satisfaction. In addition to our decades of knowledge and experience in this field, we're also proud to offer hospitals access to a top recruiting network and state-of-the-art performance management software that is compatible with most major health information systems.

Contact us today and we'll be happy to perform a thorough evaluation of your current physical therapy program.