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Can physical therapy help a hip labral tear?

Hip Labral Tear Physical Therapy
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Have you gradually noticed pain in your hip joint that feels like it’s getting worse with time? Is this pain deep and causing you intense discomfort when you do activities that require the use of your hip? Maybe you feel the pain that originates in your hip but it spreads out to your buttocks and upper thigh. These are all telltale signs of an injury called a hip labral tear, or injury to the tissue and cartilage surrounding the hip joint. 

This type of injury occurred in about 38% of one study’s participants, showing a high rate of prevalence in the common population. It’s more likely to occur in those who regularly perform physical activity, like athletes, but this type of tear doesn’t usually develop all at once. It’s more of a gradual injury, occurring over time.

 If you’ve been diagnosed with a hip labral tear or think you may have one, keep reading below for more information on the condition and how physical therapy can help.

What are some of the symptoms of a hip labral tear that needs treatment at physical therapy?

  • Pain in the hip — Most people experience pain in one of their hips if they’re developed a tear in their labrum. This pain can radiate from away from the hip and make movement painful.
  • Pain in the buttocks or groin — Another symptom of a hip labral tear that could benefit from physical therapy treatment is pain in the buttocks or groin. The pain in the hip may not be local to the area of the tear but may be felt in these neighboring regions.
  • Feeling like the hip locks when you move — Hip labral tears can also result in sensations that feel like locking and catching during movement.
  • Feeling limited during movement — If you experience limited mobility, this could also be a sign of a tear in the hip labrum.

What are some of the causes of a hip labral tear that needs treatment from a physical therapist?

  • Repetitive motions.
  • Traumatic injury.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Joint damage.

What are some of the treatments available to those with a labral tear in the hip?

  • Physical therapy — Physical therapy is an effective treatment method for those who have labral tears in their hips. Physical therapists can offer exercise plans and treatment programs designed to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and allow for a full recovery to take place. These treatment plans are specially created to cater to your unique situation and your needs, no matter the condition. If you have a hip labral tear, physical therapy can help you optimize your recovery time while ensuring that you can build strength and range of motion in the safest and most efficient way possible. It is a noninvasive, long-term solution that can help heal your labrum tear and, in many cases, prevent it from occurring in the future.
  • Rest — Another treatment method for dealing with a tear in the labrum is by giving it plenty of time to heal. You’ll want to give your hip enough time to rest and avoid any activities that might require the use of your torn labrum.
  • Routine adjustments — You can potentially improve your symptoms by making adjustments to your daily routine. This might look like moving things around at your house or work to add variation to your routine and avoiding repetitive movements or movements that add stress to your hip.
  • Medication — Medication may help temporarily relieve some of the pain you might be experiencing in your hip and neighboring areas. 
  • Corticosteroids — Corticosteroids are another treatment option for dealing with a hip labral tear. They may be especially helpful when paired with physical therapy treatment because they can help reduce inflammation in the hip. It’s worth noting that corticosteroid injections are a temporary treatment solution and may require repeated injections over time.

Why should you choose physical therapy to treat the labral tear in your hip?

  • To relieve hip pain.
  • To improve range of motion in the hips.
  • To improve flexibility in the hips.
  • To boost muscle strength in the hips.

Alliance PTP is ready to help you find top-notch physical therapy for a labral tear in the hip

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