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Building Winning Therapy Programs

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Alliance Physical Therapy Partners works alongside our contract therapy management clients to build winning therapy programs. Our therapy management services include staffing, practice management and consulting services that enable exceptional patient care and outstanding practice performance. These results have led us to be one of the top 10 contract rehabilitation service providers in the US today.

1. Flexibility

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides flexible contract models to custom fit your needs,  from comprehensive practice management arrangements to specialized performance management contracts.

2. Proven

With over 50 years of experience comes proven systems of work that blend expertise and technology.

3. Proprietary Software

AgileRPM is our proprietary software system that maximizes performance  by making work more accurate, more efficient and ultimately, more profitable.  Our software services improve operations and monitor each clinician's effectiveness while providing instant access to performance reports.

4. Extensive Analysis

We preform an extensive performance/cost analysis  to assess business is performance and how Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you.

5. Partner

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is not just another cookie cutter therapy provider.  We believe that working together achieves optimal performance and best results. Each day, we see that confirmed in the true partnerships we have with hospitals, therapy programs and patients.

6. Expertise

Let the experts in clinical operations, compliance and recruiting take that weight off your shoulders.  Our expertise in managing referral processes, scheduling systems, documentation, compliance/charge capture training, performance reporting, audit systems and much more can enhance your therapy programs and earn you exponentially higher revenues.

Contact us today to schedule a therapy department assessment or to learn more about how Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help improve your hospital therapy program.

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