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Avoiding tennis shoulder pain: 2 tips to help you play in comfort

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Tennis shoulder, also known as impingement syndrome or rotator cuff tendinitis, is a condition where a person has pain and inflammation in an area of the shoulder. The source of the inflammation is usually torn tissue between the muscles and bones of the shoulder.

This condition is very common. Studies show that anywhere from 25% to 50% of tennis players experience shoulder pain. The most commonly used treatment methods include medication, steroid injections, rest and physical therapy. To learn about a few ways you can play while avoiding the pain associated with tennis shoulder, read below.

2 tips to avoid shoulder pain and maximize comfort while playing

  • Control your recovery ” What this tip means is that you should take an adequate amount of time to rest in between games. Rest is a good way to avoid aggravating the injury and to allow time for healing. If you use rest as a tool for recovery, you're more likely to avoid future shoulder pain.
  • Go to a physical therapist near you ” Physical therapists can provide you with a series of beneficial exercises designed to strengthen your shoulders and the muscles around them. These exercises can also help protect your ligaments, joints and tendons in your shoulders too. Therapy is one way to take preventive measures for future games and to help rehabilitate any injuries you may currently have.

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