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Advantages of outsourcing post-operative rehabilitation

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For patients recovering from surgical procedures, receiving post-operative rehabilitation, or rehab, from a qualified physical therapist can have a positive impact on the outcome. For any type of surgery, from a heart procedure to foot surgery, physical therapy and rehab is critical to helping patients regain basic functioning and making a full recovery.  

However, it is also an area where a large number of hospitals struggle to provide a high level of service that scales with their administrative resources and budget. Post-operative rehab, and physical therapy as a whole, is a highly specialized discipline that requires specific oversights for hiring, training, charting and coding, complying with regulations and auditing, just to name a few.  

In an era of tightening budgets, increasing patient admissions and higher expectations for patient satisfaction, a solution that many hospitals are turning to is outsourcing their post-operative rehab services to a dedicated contract services provider. To help you decide if this is the right choice for your facility, here is an overview of the primary advantages to outsourcing.  

What outsourced post-operative rehab can offer your hospital

Partnering with a contract therapy provider gives you the ability to leverage the knowledge and expertise of a larger, specialized organization. This means:

  • Staffing support ” Contract therapy providers have resources to help you find therapists with the right credentials and experience for delivering quality post-operative rehab.  
  • Performance management solutions ” From training, to systems of work, to compliance, outsourcing your post-operative rehab means a partner to help you increase efficiency.
  • Strategic and marketing partnership ” To help you grow at the right pace, an outsourcing partner should have the know-how to keep you up-to-date with advances in the field and provide assistance with increasing public awareness of your offerings.  

Finding the right partner can help you increase patient satisfaction for your post-operative patients while decreasing costly administrative hurdles, including unnecessary readmissions.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can be your post-operative rehab partner

If your hospital is considering the benefits of outsourced post-operative rehab, contact the team at Alliance to learn more. We are industry leaders with proven systems of work and more than 50 years helping hospitals across the country grow their therapy programs. We can assess your current therapy program and help you develop solutions that are the best fit for your facility.