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4 common ways a person falling backward can injure themselves

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Falls are common. Especially so for older adults. Research estimates that well over 800,000 people every year are placed in the hospital for fall injuries. They are the second leading cause of deaths and injuries that are unintentional. These types of injuries can be very painful depending on the degree of injury and are most often disruptive to normal daily function.

4 ways that someone could injure themselves when falling backward

  • Fractured hipsAbout 300,000 out of the 800,000 who are hospitalized each year for falls are older adults with hip fractures that resulted from a fall. Hip fractures can be devastating for older adults in some cases and are usually extremely disruptive.
  • Fractured wrists or arms ” People most often use their wrists and arms to break their fall as they hit the ground. This frequently causes wrists or arms to become broken as a result.
  • Fractured ankles ” Sometimes falls can result in an ankle or foot being twisted in a direction that causes the ankle to fracture.
  • Head injuries ” In unfortunate cases, falls can result in head injuries, which can be significantly disruptive to daily life.

If you're at a higher risk of falling backward whatever the reason may be, physical therapy can be a way for you to mitigate that risk. If you or a person you know has already become injured from a backward fall, you may benefit from PT.

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