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3 steps to managing post-concussion neck pain

3 steps to managing post-concussion neck pain
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Symptoms of concussions might take weeks to develop and present themselves in patients. If you have developed neck pain after a concussion, this is a fairly common occurrence. One study reported that nearly 11% to 18% of participants who were surveyed experienced neck pain following their brain injury. The amount of force it takes to create a concussion is greater than the amount of force it takes to create injuries in the neck. For example, it takes 95 g’s of force to result in a concussion but only 10 g’s of force for a neck injury. That’s one reason why people who suffer from concussions are most likely to experience neck pain as a result.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to manage neck pain for those with this type of condition. Keep reading below to learn about several ways you can help manage your pain.

3 simple steps to help manage pain in your neck after a concussion

  • Do gentle neck-stretching exercises — Gentle stretching exercises for the neck can be beneficial for those who have suffered from a concussion. Slow, deliberate movements can be the most helpful way to regain mobility in the neck. A physical therapist can most effectively help you do the right stretching exercises for your particular type of pain, and they can help you develop improved strength and flexibility in your neck. You may benefit from finding a physical therapy clinic in your area.
  • Rest your neck — In between regular, gentle neck exercises, it’s a good idea to give your neck enough rest. Overuse can exacerbate pain in the neck. Although it may not be convenient, allowing time for your neck’s muscles and ligaments to heal is instrumental in relieving pain.
  • Make sure you have good sleep posture — Good sleep posture involves not only the way you position your body in your bed but also the quality of your pillow and mattress. Good pillows are ones that keep your head in straight alignment with the rest of your body. You don’t want your head to be propped up too far.

Alliance PTP is ready to help you find top-notch PT for neck pain after a concussion

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we’re proudly bringing together physical therapy practices across the country to help people get the high-quality PT they need. Want to see a physical therapist in person? We can put you in touch with an Alliance PTP partner that’s close to you and that can help you address concussion-related neck pain.

Not keen on in-person PT sessions or not close to an Alliance PTP partner? No worries. We also offer effective and affordable virtual physical therapy through our Agile Virtual Physical Therapy platform.

Contact our team today so we can help you find the most effective physical therapy services for your injury or condition.

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