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3 possible explanations for your foot arch pain (that are not plantar fasciitis)

Foot Arch Pain Not Plantar Fasciitis
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Have you noticed a nagging pain in the arch of your foot? Have you done some internet research on possible causes, like plantar fasciitis, but you’re sure that can’t be it? There are several potential explanations for the pain in the arch of your foot that isn’t related to plantar fasciitis. To learn more about these possible causes, keep reading below.

What are some possible causes of foot arch pain that are not related to plantar fasciitis?

  • Overpronation — Overpronation is a term that means that your foot tends to turn inward when you walk. If you walk on the inside of your feet so your ankles round inward, you’re likely to experience fallen arches. It can cause a variety of other related issues like strained tendons and ligaments, but it most often causes foot pain in the arch.
  • Stress fracture — Stress fractures are another cause of foot arch pain that does not have to do with plantar fasciitis. Repeated movements can cause tiny cracks in the bone of the foot and subsequently cause pain in the arch. 
  • Flat feet — Another cause of foot pain in the arch that is not from plantar fasciitis is flat feet. Some people who have flat feet might go their whole lives without any symptoms, while others may experience significant pain.

What are some of the treatments you can get for foot pain in your arch that is not from plantar fasciitis?

  • Physical therapy — Physical therapy can be a very effective treatment method for those dealing with foot and even ankle issues. Physical therapists are trained to identify potential causes of pain in the arch of your foot. Not only this, but they can also treat the cause of your pain at its source. Physical therapy won’t provide you with a “Band-Aid” treatment, meaning PT treatments target a problem at the root rather than to treat individual symptoms, like pain. When a physical therapist targets your foot pain at its source, you’re more likely to have more than one symptom of your condition addressed and alleviated. An added benefit is that they will work with you to help prevent injury in the future and support the tissue in the feet so that you’re less likely to experience foot pain in the future. If you have foot pain in your arches, whether or not it’s due to plantar fasciitis, it would be worth your time to schedule regular visits with a physical therapist near you.
  • Supportive shoes — Another treatment method for foot pain in your arch even if it isn’t plantar fasciitis is wearing supportive shoes. In addition to high-quality, supportive shoes, shoe orthotics or inserts can help keep your arches where they need to be and can reduce some of the stress placed on your feet each day. 
  • Pain-relieving medication — Pain-relieving medication may alleviate some of the pain and discomfort experienced by those who have foot arch pain that’s not plantar fasciitis. This is just a short-term pain management solution and will not benefit the condition arch of the foot long-term, but may get you through each day with less pain.
  • Corticosteroid injections — Corticosteroid injections are an anti-inflammatory treatment for those who are experiencing pain in their feet from inflammation. These can help reduce existing inflammation and relieve some of the pain. Similar to pain-relieving medication, it’s just a temporary solution; you may need follow-up injections to keep the pain and inflammation levels at an acceptable level.
  • Surgery — In some cases, a surgical procedure may be recommended to treat foot arch pain not related to plantar fasciitis. Surgery may help treat the cause of foot arch pain, but it’s not guaranteed. Some people wish to avoid undergoing surgery because of the risk of complications and because of the time that will be required to spend recovering afterward.


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