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How can remote therapeutic monitoring help workers and their employers?

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Remote therapeutic monitoring is a method of health care delivery that delivers great benefits to patients. Providers, caregivers and employers stand to benefit from remote monitoring as well. Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to provide quality care. Remote monitoring uses monitoring devices to gather data from a patient in the comfort of their home. These devices can include anything from heart monitors to certain smartphone applications. Any device, application or tool that the FDA has deemed to be a medical device can be used for remote monitoring.

Physical therapy is one of many forms of health care that remote monitoring can benefit. Data gathered by remote monitoring helps therapists gain a greater understanding of the patient's recovery. This helps both the patient and their therapist be proactive in making the best decisions for the patient's needs.

How can remote therapeutic monitoring help employees?

Employees who are undergoing a bout of physical therapy benefit greatly from the use of remote monitoring. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Patient engagement ” Patients who are actively engaged in their care tend to experience better results. Studies have also shown that patients who feel engaged in their own care help to reduce costs in the long run. By equipping patients with remote monitoring devices, they feel more engaged in their care.
  • Accessibility ” Many obstacles might be preventing an employee from accessing traditional physical therapy. A lack of transportation, a physical disability, and remote location are just a few examples. Being able to monitor a patient from the comfort of their home breaks down many of these barriers.
  • Reduced clinic visits ” Employees should be spending more time resting and recovering, and less time driving to clinics. This will help them recover more quickly and return to work sooner. Lower transportation costs are an added benefit of fewer visits to the clinic.

Can remote therapeutic monitoring help employers?

The benefits that telehealth may offer to employers cannot be overstated. This includes the convenience of remote monitoring. Some of the benefits to employers include:

  • Added value to health plans ” Including telehealth as part of an employee's health plan adds to the perceived value of the plan. Employees are more likely to opt in to health plans that they deem to have better value. The option to choose remote care should be included in any employee health plan.
  • Improved communication ” Informed employers are better equipped to help their employees return to work. Remote monitoring devices help providers give more accurate estimates for when a patient can return to work. It can also help a provider recommend what accommodations a patient might need once they are back on the job.
  • Injury prevention ” The best way to avoid employee injury is to take steps to make your workplace safer. Remote therapeutic monitoring can be one of the steps an employer can take to prevent workplace injury. Workers who check in with their providers using remote monitoring devices can be made aware of possible injury risks early. Early detection of injury risks can save an employer massive costs from workers' compensation, as well as loss of productivity.

Where can I turn for remote therapeutic monitoring solutions for my employees?

Implementing remote therapeutic monitoring as a part of your employee health plan can be simpler than you think. Your employees can enjoy the individualized care and convenience that telehealth can offer. Meanwhile, your company can benefit from the cost reduction and added value that telehealth brings to the table.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is ready to help you find the best remote monitoring solutions for your employees. We work closely with industry leaders in manufacturing, distribution, government and aerospace. Our aim is to deliver the best physical therapy solutions for the workforce.

Remote monitoring and other forms of telehealth are part of a growing shift in the physical therapy field. Our partners are well equipped to rise to the challenges that this shift presents. Worksite telehealth services empower employees to stay safe on the job, with state-of-the-art mobile applications on hand in case of injury. Physical therapy services can also be accessed from the convenience of an employee's home. With the help of Agile Virtual Physical Therapy and their unique approach to telehealth, patients have easier access to care.

Contact us today to see how Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can prepare your business to provide the best options for your employees.